jcmm12087-sup-0001-SupplementalData.docxWord document25KData S1 Supplementary data.
jcmm12087-sup-0002-FigS1.tifimage/tif7293KFigure S1 Cases of slug overexpression showed a reduced E-cadherin expression pattern and an increased vimentin expression pattern in HCC patients.
jcmm12087-sup-0003-FigS2.tifimage/tif2721KFigure S2 Huh7 cells transfected with slug showed CD133+ and CD90+ phenotype, EMT phenotype, VEGF and VE-cadherin expression and VM formation.
jcmm12087-sup-0004-FigS3.tifimage/tif7394KFigure S3 (A) The decreased expression of slug protein in the slug siRNA-treated SMMC-7721 cells (S: SMMC-7721; si S: SMMC-7721 with slug silencing) was evident from the Western blot data. Slug silencing inhibited tube formation (VM) in SMMC-7721 cells in vitro. (B-Q) SMMC-7721 with slug silencing xenografts reversed CSCs and EMT phenotype, inhibited vasculogenic mimicry. Positive slug (B), CD90 expression (D), the loss of E-cadherin expression (F), positive vimentin expression (H), higher VE-cadherin (L) and VEGF (N) expression present in S (SMMC-7721) xenograft. In contrast, the decreased slug (C) and CD90 expression (E), the increased E-cadherin expression (G), and the decreased vimentin (I), VE-cadherin (M) and VEGF (O) present in si S (SMMC-7721 with slug silencing) xenograft. There was VM (black arrow indicated VM channel; green arrow indicated red blood cell; red arrow indicated endomucin-positive blood vessel) present in SMMC-7221 xenograft (J). However, in si S (SMMC-7721 with slug silencing) xenograft, no VM channels were found (K). HLA-DR-positive tumour cells formed VM channel (black arrow indicated VM; red arrow indicated red blood cell) in SMMC-7221 xenograft (P). However, in si S (SMMC-7721 with slug silencing) xenograft, no VM channels were found (Q).

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