jcmm12123-sup-0001-FigureS1.jpgimage/jpg385KFigure S1. Representative phase contrast microphotographs of mono- and co-cultures at day 7 are shown. Scale bar = 200 μm.
jcmm12123-sup-0002-FigureS2.jpgimage/jpg1368KFigure S2. Flow cytometry analysis of human NPC death and phenotype in the cultures with higher density of NPCs or co-cultures of NPCs and human foreskin fibroblast. The percentage of cells immunoreactive for (A) 7-AAD, (B) nestin, PSA-NCAM, A2B5, β-tubulin III and GFAP out of the total NPC populations ( 4/group) was evaluated by anova with Turkey post hoc test. Mean values ± SEM.
jcmm12123-sup-0003-FigureS3.jpgimage/jpg228KFigure S3. Representative confocal microphotograph of fluorescent latex beads (green) in microglia at day 7 is shown. Nuclei are labelled in blue (Hoechst). Scale bar = 20 μm.
jcmm12123-sup-0004-TableS1-S2.docWord document64K

Table S1 Antibodies used in flow cytometry.

Table S2 Antibodies used in immunocytochemistry.

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