Figure S1 Phenotypic characterization of cells isolated from citrate tube collected blood. Bright field images of cell cultures (A) ×40 and (B) ×200 magnification. Fluorescence microscopy of DiI-Ac-LDL uptake (C), FITC-UEA-1 binding (D), DAPI nuclei staining (E) and merged images (F) are shown. Cells were incubated with 2 μg/ml of Ac-LDL for 1 hr, fixed with 4% paraformaldehyde and then incubated with 10 μg/ml FITC-Ulex-lectin. Counterstaining was achieved by 1 μg/ml DAPI staining. Scale bar represents 100 μm (original magnification for fluorescence microscopy images: ×200).

Figure S2 Influence of processing time on the success of EPC cultures. Blood samples were divided into two sets. One was processed within 2 hrs and the other 24 hrs after withdrawal. The success of EPC culture was expressed as the percentage of EPC cultures obtained (*P < 0.05 by Chi-squared test; n = 10).

Figure S3 MNC culture and EPC isolation. Representative images of EPC cultures. (A) MNC after seeding. After 24 hrs of incubation, non-adhered cells were removed and attached cells (B) were further cultivated. On day 15 of culture, first EPC colonies appeared (C). EPC colonies were cultured for 7 days or until they reached confluence (D). All the pictures above shown were taken at ×100 magnification.

Table S1 Characteristics of healthy individuals.

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