Figure S1. Left ventricle transversal sections showing the infract region at 24 and 48 hrs after ligation of the coronary artery.

Figure S2. Evaluation of GPR17+ and Sca-1+ cell populations at 48 hrs after MI by immunofluorescence analysis of transversal sections (see Fig. S1 for sections orientation) of the ischaemic LV zones.

Figure S3. Z-stack confocal image of the ischaemic myocardium 24 hrs after ischaemia.

Figure S4. Counting of cells single positive (A) or double/triple positive (B) cells for the indicated markers, after staining with multicolour immunofluorescence and confocal analysis.

Figure S5. GPR17+/CD44+ cells invading the infracted myocardium do not express mature MF marker Collagen-I.

Figure S6. Immunofluorescence showing expression of GPR17 in conjunction with mature myofibroblasts marker αSMA in the ischaemic myocardium at 48 hrs (48h; upper panels) and 1 week (1W; lower panels) after MI.

Figure S7. Phenotypic characterization of Sca-1+ cell line.

Figure S8. Stability of the Sca-1+ cells line and quantification of mesenchymal marker expression.

Data S1. Detailed materials and methods.

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