jcmm12307-sup-0001-Fig1.tifimage/tif13126KFigure S1 In situ localization of leucocytes in mouse uterus after treatment with either LPS or saline ± BSCI. Immunohistochemical examination was performed on sections of uterus from gestational days 15.5 collected 12 hrs after LPS and/or BSCI administration. Neutrophils were identified using anti-Neu7/4 antibody and macrophages- using anti-F4/80 antibody. Representative photomicrographs of (A) neutrophils (Neu7/4) and (B) macrophages (F4/80) in the myometrium (M) and decidua (D) are shown. Leucocytes are stained dark brown in paraffin-embedded tissue sections that were counterstained a blue with Haematoxylin. The negative controls were performed on GD15 uterine tissue samples: Control 1 represents the lack of immunostaining after incubation of myometrial tissue with non-specific rat IgG and Control 2 shows staining with anti-rat secondary antibodies in the absence of primary antibody. Magnification = 100×; scale = 200 μm.
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