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Figure S1 Cardiac differentiation efficiency of the Nkx 2-5eGFP/w hESC line and LUMC0004ictrl determined by flow cytometry of cardiac troponin T (cTnT) expression (n = 11 for Nkx 2-5eGFP/w, two independent experiments for LUMC0004ictrl.

Figure S2 Stacked bar graph of the percentage of RAT-CM with sarcomeric structural class (visible well-organized striations (+; category 1), some (disorganized) striations (+/−;category 2), and poor/non-existent striations (−;category 3)); n ≥ 41 cells.

Figure S3 Characterization of hiPSC.

Figure S4 Response of hiPSC-CM to isoproterenol (ISO).

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