Voices of Hunger: Addressing Health Disparities Through the Culture-Centered Approach


Corresponding author: Mohan Jyoti Dutta; e-mail: mdutta@purdue.edu


Hunger is a key marker of health disparity, depicting the everyday consequences of inequalities that are physiologically felt directly by the most vulnerable segments of the population, often resulting from the broader structural inequities in a society. In this project, we report our work with food insecurity in West Bengal, India and Indiana, USA. Through interviews, focus groups, community-wide discussions, photo exhibits cocreated through the PhotoVoice method, and community meetings, community members develop solutions that are meaningful to their everyday lived experiences. White Papers, policy briefs, exhibits, community meetings, and coalitions emerge as solutions developed through our partnerships that focus on addressing specific problems related to food insecurity by fostering spaces for listening to the voices of the food insecure.