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Appendix S1. PRISMA 2009 checklist.

Appendix S2. Electronic search strategy for the database Web of Science.

Appendix S3. Scores for assessment of methodological and reporting quality.

Appendix S4. Heterogeneity regarding methods and outcome parameters in included studies.

Appendix S5. Meta-analyses. (a) Dimensions of the biologic width on anterior and posterior teeth in humans without a reported history of periodontal disease (histological studies). (b) Dimensions of the biologic width in humans with attachment loss of ≥3 mm (clinical studies).

Appendix S6. Studies excluded based on full text analysis, and reason for exclusion.

Appendix S7. Study characteristics of the included studies.

Appendix S8. Quality assessment (methodological and reporting scores) of included studies.

Appendix S9. Directions for further research.

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