Background  The relationship between psoriasis and associated diseases has drawn particular interest in recent years. To provide appropriate management of psoriasis from an early stage, it is necessary to include prompt diagnosis of concomitant disease and to prevent and treat any comorbidity found. Such an integrated approach also serves to ensure that the drugs used to treat associated diseases do not interfere with the management of psoriasis, and vice versa.

Objective  To provide the dermatologist a guide focuses specifically on the diagnosis and management of the diseases most often found in patients with psoriasis.

Methods  The selection of the diseases, and corresponding supporting research, to be included was based on a systematic review of the literature. The recommendations on diagnostic criteria are based on the main clinical practice guidelines for each of the diseases discussed as well as on the recommendations of a clinical expert advisory group. The information regarding the repercussions of psoriasis treatments on associated comorbid diseases was obtained from the summary of product characteristics of each drug. In turn, the statements concerning the impact of the associated diseases, and their treatment, on psoriasis are based on the review of the literature.

Results  This guide is a precise, easy-to-use tool for systematizing the diagnosis of comorbidity in patients with psoriasis and facilitate decision making regarding referral and treatment of patients diagnosed with an associated disease.

Conclusion  The application of this guide not only will benefit psoriasis patients’ health and quality of life but it will also optimize available resources.