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Table S1. Table of crude and age, sex and smoking adjusted ORs. *Statistically significant at a P < 0.05.

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Table S2. Table of crude means, age, sex and smoking adjusted means and ratio of means (RM). *Statistically significant.

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Table S3. ORs adjusted for potential confounders. ORs adjusted for background factors and possible confounders. Top ORs (95% CI) are for hospital PS subjects vs. non-PS subjects, and below ORs (95% CI) are for population PS subjects vs. non-PS subjects. N/A: not applicable. If the OR is (base model + an additional factor, e.g. BMI) differed from the base model OR, then that additional factor was considered a possible confounder.

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Table S4. ORs and P-values assessing the severity and duration of PS amongst PS subjects only. *Statistically significant at P < 0.05.

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Table S5. Table of missing values.

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