jeb12083-sup-0002-TableS1.docxWord document15KTable S1 Means and standard errors (below means) for flower morphological traits of parental (C and V) and derived hybrid (H) morphotypes, and for the F1, first generation backcross (BC1), and first generation crosses among BC1 plants (BC1F1) in Piriqueta cistoides ssp. caroliniana growing in common gardens at Archbold Biological Station.

Figure S1 Geographical distribution of Piriqueta cistoides ssp. caroliniana parental caroliniana (C) and viridis (V) morphotypes, and their derived hybrids (H) in southeastern North America.

Figure S2 Mean pollen deposition in common gardens over two seasons for Piriqueta cistoides ssp. caroliniana parental morphotypes (C and V), derived hybrids (H) and three generations of hybrids.

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