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Table S1 Univariate results of tests for differences in microhabitat used by male tawny dragon lizards (Ctenophorus decresii) compared to random habitat plots.

Figure S1 Distribution of the tawny dragon (Ctenophorus decresii) (grey shading) and the proportion of morphs present at the two study populations (black squares), Wilpena pound and Telowie gorge.

Figure S2 Body regions of the tawny dragon lizard (Ctenophorus decresii) for which spectral reflectance was measured and head dimensions measured (HL = head length, HW = width of head at the widest point, HD = head depth measured perpendicular to the widest point).

Figure S3 Screenshot of segmentation and granularity analysis program used to assess colour proportion and pattern variables (MATLAB).

Figure S4 Data used in visual modelling of throat colour viewed by conspecifics and the dorsal contrast viewed by avian predators.

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