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Appendix S1 Composition of the study Acrididae community, number of individuals sampled and number of sites in which each species was found.

Appendix S2 Relative abundances (%) of Chorthippus cazurroi, C. yersini and C. parallelus along five elevational bands in the Cantabrian Mountains.

Appendix S3 Slopes of regressions between body size measures, and their statistical difference from 1 (i.e. isometry), as tested by t-tests.

Appendix S4 Accession numbers of sequences deposited in the NCBI genbank database.

Appendix S5 List of models predicting body size variation in response to climatic variables in Chorthippus cazurroi, C. yersini and C. parallelus, as ranked on the basis of their AIC value.

Appendix S6 Predicted trends of interspecific variation of hind femur length as a function of elevation, as estimated from phylogenetic generalized least squares regressions in females and males of the nine study species.

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