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Appendix S1 Morphological data used in this study. Measurements are shown in mm and untransformed.

Appendix S2 Penalized-likelihood tree with 102 species used for the analyses carried out in this paper; branch lengths are proportional to time.

Appendix S3 Matrix of similarity among 19 genera of Bignonieae (partial dataset, including 7 characters): VCV (above diagonal) and correlation (below diagonal), corrected by matrix repeatability.

Appendix S4 VCV and correlation matrix repeatabilities at the genus level in Bignonieae for the partial dataset (including 19 genera and 7 of the 16 traits analyzed).

Appendix S5 Pairwise correlation between matrices of similarity in the patterns of covariation (VCV), similarity in the patterns of correlation (CORR), phylogenetic distance (PD), and differences in the magnitude of integration (r2) among 19 genera (below diagonal) and 88 species of Bignonieae (above diagonal).

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