Resistance evaluation of wheat germplasm containing Dn4 or Dny against Russian wheat aphid biotype RWASA3



Vicki L. Tolmay (corresponding author), ARC-Small Grain Institute, Private Bag X29, Bethlehem 9700, South Africa. E-mail:


Host plant resistance can effectively manage Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia) Kurdjumov (Homoptera: Aphididae) in areas where it is an economically important pest of wheat. However, biotypes of D. noxia virulent on wheat containing resistance gene Dn4 have been reported in both the United States and South Africa. Thirty wheat genotypes, including susceptible Yuma, resistant CItr2401, as well as 25 genotypes containing Dn4 and three genotypes containing Dny were planted under greenhouse conditions in Bethlehem, South Africa, and screened with D. noxia biotype RWASA3. RWASA3 caused susceptible damage symptoms in MTRWA92-145, Ankor, Halt, Bond CL, 18FAWWON-SA 262, Prowers99, 18FAWWON-SA 264, Hatcher, Yumar, Corwa and Thunder CL all reported to contain the Dn4 resistance gene. Genotypes PI586956, Stanton and 18FAWWON-SA 257, containing the Dny-resistance gene were susceptible to RWASA3. Similarly, coinciding development of virulence to resistance genes Dn4 and Dny was reported in the United States. However, in this study, 13 Dn4-containing genotypes showed moderate resistance when screened with RWASA3 alluding to a more complex biotype-gene-interaction. These findings could indicate that Dn4 and Dny may be related and possibly share a similar or common resistance factor. Further studies will be aimed at explaining these results investigating the possibility of an allelic cluster or series for Dn4, possibly including Dny.