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The reproductive capability of Ooencyrtus kuvanae reared on eggs of the factitious host Antheraea pernyi



Ooencyrtus kuvanae is a key egg parasitoid of Lymantria dispar (L.), an important defoliating pest in China and North America. We have developed mass rearing techniques for O. kuvanae and in this study compared the reproductive capacity of O. kuvanae when it was previously reared on the natural host, L. dispar or the factitious host, Antheraea pernyi Guerin-Meneville. There was no significant difference in the oviposition period or total number of eggs laid between L. dispar-reared and A. pernyi-reared females. However, the mean number of offspring successfully emerging from those eggs was significantly larger from the A. pernyi-reared females compared with L. dispar-reared females. From this, we can conclude that, with respect to reproductive capability, eggs of A. pernyi are suitable factitious hosts for mass rearing of O. kuvanae.