jfb12057-sup-0001-FigureSI.docxWord 2007 document16KFIG SI. Captured Carcharhinus melanopterus were tagged with (a) plastic-tipped Hallprint dart tags and (b) small or large rototags. Rototags were applied in the thickest portion of the first dorsal fin, while dart tags were inserted into the cartilaginous fin rays at the base of the dorsal fin.
jfb12057-sup-0002-AppendixSI.docxWord 2007 document12KAPPENDIX SI. Information about the data and calculations used to derive estimates of size and maturity for male Carcharhinus melanopterus.
jfb12057-sup-0003-AppendixSII.docxWord 2007 document10KAPPENDIX SII. Areas in Cleveland Bay and Magnetic Island that were simultaneously sampled by other research projects using identical longline gear as well as nets.

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