jfb12154-sup-0001-TableSI.docxWord 2007 document14KTable S1. Geographic distances among sites in km. Stream distances (geographic distances measured along streams) are listed below the diagonal, straight-line distances (geographic distances measured along straight-lines between sites) are above the diagonal. Data were ln transformed for Mantel tests. One unit was added to distance values that were <1 km apart prior to ln transformation. Distances are approximate
jfb12154-sup-0002-TableSII.docxWord 2007 document11KTable S2. Frequency of mtDNA haplotypes in the study
jfb12154-sup-0003-TableSIII.docxWord 2007 document12KTable S3. Summary of mean pair-wise genetic divergence between sets of populations based on microsatellite and mtDNA data
jfb12154-sup-0004-TableSIV.docxWord 2007 document13KTable S4. Individual assignment results from the Structure analysis based on the UsePopInfo model that included prior information on sampling location and phenotype for specimen assignment. Spec is the specimen identification, Ko is the cluster to which the specimen belonged based on its phenotype or geographic location and Pr_K is the assignment probability for its designated cluster. The rest of the columns indicate the assignment probabilities for other clusters (An, anadromous; Jres, Jim Creek drainage resident; MS, Mat-Su resident; Ke, Kenai resident) over the present generation (Pres), one generation back (G1) and two generations back (G2). Only data for individuals with q < 0.8 for all clusters are included

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