jfb12177-sup-0001-TableS1.pdfPDF document104KTable S1. Summary of functional-trait distributions for functionally homogeneous within-species size classes, calculated from sampled individuals as mean ± s.d. rgl, relative gut length; mmd, mean mouth diameter (mm); cfar, caudal fin aspect ratio; wm, wet mass (g); rbd, relative body depth; rbw, relative body width; rhl, relative head length; rpl, relative protrusion length; rmo, relative mouth opening; mo, mouth orientation (V, ventral; T/V, terminal pointing downward; T, terminal; D/T, terminal, pointing upward); ba: presence/absence of barbels. See Table 1 for functional traits formulas. Species are ordered by orders (O.; separated by thick lines) and families (F.). Species are individualized by alternate shading of rows.

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