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Greenwoodochromini Takahashi from Lake Tanganyika is a junior synonym of Limnochromini Poll (Perciformes: Cichlidae)



The infraorbitals (IOs) of four species endemic to Lake Tanganyika were examined and on the basis of this information and previous morphological and molecular studies, the tribe Greenwoodochromini is synonymized with the tribe Limnochromini and a new combination for Limnochromis abeelei and Limnochromis staneri is proposed: Greenwoodochromis abeelei and Greenwoodochromis staneri. The revised tribe Limnochromini, comprising 10 species belonging to seven genera, is characterized by IOs representing types G and I. The revised genus Greenwoodochromis, which consists of four species, is characterized by IOs representing type I.