B. Temperoni, M. D. Viñas and C. C. Buratti (2013). Feeding strategy of juvenile (age-0+ year) Argentine hake Merluccius hubbsi in the Patagonian nursery ground. Journal of Fish Biology 83, 1354–1370.

Page 1355 ‘The latter is the most abundant, with a spawning biomass of around 200 000 t estimated during 2012 (MAGyP, 2012) should be replaced by: ‘The latter is economically the most important (c. 85% of the total biomass), with a spawning biomass of around 400 000 t (Villarino et al., 2012)'. The MAGyP (2012) electronic reference should be replaced by ‘Villarino, M.F., Santos, B. & Renzi, M.A. (2012). Evaluación del estado de explotación del efectivo sur de 41°S de la merluza (Merluccius hubbsi) y estimación de las capturas biológicamente aceptables correspondiente al año 2012. Informe Técnico Oficial DNI-INIDEP 38, 1–29.'

Page 1365, Fig. 5 ‘Calenoid’ should be replaced by ‘Calanoid’.

Page 1366. ‘head of the M. hubbsi Assessment Programme of INIDEP’ should be replaced by ‘head of the M. hubbsi Patagonian Stock Recruitment Project of INIDEP’.