• Collaboration;
  • decision making;
  • flood risk management;
  • internet;
  • stakeholder participation;
  • web-based


Development of flood risk management (FRM) plans and strategies should ideally be carried out in participatory processes through involvement of all stakeholders. Participation can be through collaboration with the experts and among stakeholders themselves, leading to identification of commonly agreed FRM measures or alternatives. Stakeholder participation, however, does not come without challenges and hindrances (e.g. limitation of financial resources, stakeholders' spatial distribution and their interest to participate). This article presents web-based support tools for collaboration in FRM intended to address some of these challenges and hindrances. Following a conceptual framework, web-based platforms for stakeholder participation through collaborative modelling are introduced. The framework and the platforms were applied in two real case studies, the Cranbrook catchment (London, UK) and the Alster catchment (Hamburg, Germany). The experiences of actual stakeholders in using the platform and the experiences in using general public licence technologies for development of the tools are also presented.