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Table S1. ICD-9 and CPT Codes Used to Identify Hip, Radius, Humerus, and Vertebral Fractures.

Table S2. Medications Considered as Osteoporosis Pharmacotherapy and CPT Codes Used for Part B Claims Analysis.

Table S3. CPT Codes Used to Identify Bone Density Testing.

Table S4. ICD-9 Codes Used to Identify Comorbidities.

Table S5. Unadjusted Prevalence of Pharmacotherapy Only, Bone Density Testing Only and Both Outcomes in the 6 Months Following Fragility Fracture: Overall Cohort.

Table S6. Fully Adjusted Poisson Models: Bone Density Testing and/or Osteoporosis Pharmacotherapy Following Fragility Fracture for Four Subcohorts: Attention Naïve Women, Hip Only, Non-Hip Only (6 Month Outcome) and Full Cohort (12 Month Outcome).

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