• 24-hour dietary recall;
  • computer;
  • children;
  • dietary assessment



Self-Completed Recall and Analysis of Nutrition (scran24) is a prototype computerised 24-h recall system for use with 11–16 year olds. It is based on the Multiple Pass 24-h Recall method and includes prompts and checks throughout the system for forgotten food items.

Methods and results

The development of scran24 was informed by an extensive literature review, a series of focus groups and usability testing. The first stage of the recall is a quick list where the user is asked to input all the foods and drinks they remember consuming the previous day. The quick list is structured into meals and snacks. Once the quick list is complete, additional information is collected on each food to determine food type and to obtain an estimate of portion size using digital images of food. Foods are located within the system using a free text search, which is linked to the information entered into the quick list. A time is assigned to each eating occasion using drag and drop onto a timeline. The system prompts the user if no foods or drinks have been consumed within a 3-h time frame, or if fewer than three drinks have been consumed throughout the day. The food composition code and weight (g) of all items selected are automatically allocated and stored. Nutritional information can be generated automatically via the scran24 companion Access database.


scran24 was very well received by young people and was relatively quick to complete. The accuracy and precision was close to that of similar computer-based systems currently used in dietary studies.