Use of dental loupes among dental trainers and trainees in the UK



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Magnification loupes are used in dentistry where increased visual performance is needed. The interest and use of loupes among dental practitioners and students appears to be growing. Despite this little quantitative data regarding the use of loupes in clinical practice and factors governing their purchase among dental trainers and trainees is available.


To determine the extent of use of loupes among dental trainers and trainees in the UK and identify what factors influence their choice of selection.


A proforma questionnaire was designed to collect the information required and was handed out dental trainers and trainees.


Use of loupes is more common among the dental trainers (44%) than trainees (28%). Of the nonusers, increased interest among the trainees (83.6%) and trainers (50%) in purchasing loupes was noted. Price was found to be the most important factor during purchase. The majority of users opted for 2.5×; and a light source was a popular choice. Both users and nonusers in the study group had an affinity towards “through-the-lens” type. No significant variation in back/neck discomfort between the users and nonusers was found.


Use of loupes among dental trainers and trainees remains low. Reduction in price and provision of information could increase the number of loupe users.