jmi12098-sup-0001-SuppMat.docx43KSUPPORTING FIGURES AND MOVIES
jmi12098-sup-0002-FigureS1.tif1762KFig. S1. The segmentation result of MSER using different Δ-values and region sizes.
jmi12098-sup-0003-FigureS2.tif645KFig. S2. The watershed approach detects cell nuclei similar to MSER.
jmi12098-sup-0004-FigureS3.tif2614KFig. S3. A color palette depicting movement directions in supplementary movies 4 and 5.
jmi12098-sup-0005-Movie1.mov8760KMovie (MPEG4 codec). Tracks of 41 selected MSER segmented cells were overlaid on sequence 1 consisting of 25 frames with a 20 min frame rate.
jmi12098-sup-0006-Movie2.mov7425KMovie (MPEG4 codec). Tracks of 42 selected MSER segmented cells overlaid on sequence 2 consisting of 25 frames with 20 min frame rate.
jmi12098-sup-0007-Movie3.mov66KMovie (MPEG4 codec). Synthetic image sequence demonstrating the performance of Kalman filter tracking under varying speed and sudden change in the direction of movement.
jmi12098-sup-0008-Movie4.mov4621KMovie (MPEG4 codec). Dynamic analysis of MSER segmented cell population from sequence 1 using Kalman filter.
jmi12098-sup-0009-Movie5.mov7787KMovie (MPEG4 codec). Dynamic analysis of MSER segmented cell population from sequence 2 using Kalman filter.

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