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Development and Pilot Outcome Data of a Midlife Women's Health Assessment Clinic: A Comprehensive and Multidisciplinary Approach to Health Care


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As women enter midlife, health issues and chronic health problems can emerge. The University of Utah Health Science Center's Midlife Women's Health Assessment Clinic was developed to provide a personalized approach to healthy aging by individual assessment, group education, motivational interviewing, and wellness coaching to women. This article describes the model of care and an initial evaluation of this model.


Four pilot clinics were conducted to determine if the model would be successful. Data analyzed included patient history questionnaires, laboratory and diagnostic test results, new diagnoses, and follow-up recommendations; telephone surveys of patients 2 to 4 weeks after clinic visits; and verbal queries of clinicians about their experiences and recommendations for improving the clinics.


Among the 62 women attending the clinics, the most frequent concern was healthy aging. Two-thirds of the women had new diagnoses during the clinics. Both the women and clinicians participating positively evaluated the pilot clinics.


This model of care could be replicated to provide comprehensive and efficient health care to aging women in a variety of settings.