• Due to the amazing efforts of Ed Cross, Louise Gorringe, Susanne Schmitt, Christian Schmitz, Ulrika Smrekova and Tim Stassines, ISN has a completely new website. The renovation is not just a visual facelift. Over the last 6 months, this team has completed quite a bit of work “under the car hood” to generate a new and highly functional ISN database and secure ISN website able to handle multiple types of transactions. As we continue to phase in new features, we will likely hit some bumps. Please be patient, but to help us improve our website, please do not hesitate to inform us (at of any issues/problems encountered. Discover our new web presence on !
  • ISN council has just made membership much more valuable. As of this July, only ISN members will be eligible for all of ISN's many awards grants, funding for conferences. Applications for ISN membership can be made at the time of application for ISN funded awards & grants.
  • On July 9th, ISN launched its survey of the ISN membership, ISN meeting attendees and recipients of ISN awards & grants. This survey is aimed at gathering information to help ISN officers and council identify and implement benefits valued by ISN members. This survey has been closed on August 10th. A summary of survey results will be posted on the ISN webpage after the annual business meeting.