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Figure S1. (a) Gal-4 distribution in permeabilized and nonpermeabilized cortical neurons in culture, similar to hippocampal neurons shown in Fig. 1 (b) Gal-4 expression in both neuronal types analysed by Western blotting.

Figure S2. Control of secondary antibodies in Gal-4 immuno-histochemistry.

Figure S3. Sulfation inhibition does not modify intracellular Gal-4.

Figure S4. (a) Gal-4 segmented distribution in axons is not modied by lantrunculin-induced actin de-polymerization. (b) Gal-4 knockdown does not modify L1 biosynthesis.

Figure S5. Exogenous rGal4 is incorporated in neurons, traffics along the axon and reaches restricted zones of its membrane.

Figure S6. Proposed model for the axonal transport and clustering of L1, based on cross-linking of LacNAc termini in L1 N-glycans to sulfatide-containing vesicle carriers by the tandem-repeat-type Gal-4 with its two lectin sites.

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