Figure S1. Time course of the v5-tagged CG16766 receptor internalization into a perinuclear location after exposure for different times to 10 μM tyramine.

Figure S2. Lack of co-localization of v5-tagged CG16766 receptor (green) and Rab 11 (red), an early endosome marker, under basal conditions (a) and after 30 min exposure to 10 μM tyramine (b).

Figure S3. Very little co-localization could be detected between the v5-tagged CG16766 receptor (green) and a range of intracellular markers (red) under basal conditions when the receptor was not activated.

Figure S4. CG16766 mediated changes in intracellular calcium mediated by exposure of receptor transfected CHO cells to biogenic amines.

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