Figure S1. Expression of α2AP in hippocampal neurons from WT mice. Primary hippocampal neurons from WT mice were immunostained with antibodies against α2AP and MAP2 at 2 DIV.

Figure S2. Reduction in the MAP2 expression and length of MAP2-positive neurites in hippocampal neurons from α2AP+/− mice compared with those in neurons from WT mice.

Figure S3. Distribution analyses of MAP2-positive neurite length and the number of tips in hippocampal neurons from α2AP−/− and WT mice.

Figure S4. α2AP-induced axonal elongation in hippocampal neurons. Primary hippocampal neurons from the WT and α2AP−/− mice were treated with α2AP (250 nM) at 1 DIV, and cultured for 24 h.

Figure S5. Little effect of α2AP on JNK and ERK activation in hippocampal neurons.

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