Figure S1. Luciferase activity in HD NS-HdhQ111/7 cells after transfection with the SRE construct and treatment at different doses of C91 (1nM, 250nM, and 1500nM).

Figure S2. C91 influences Bdnf gene transcription in NS-HdhQ7/7.

Figure S3. C91 does not influence the transcription of non-REST-regulated genes.

Figure S4. Specific localization of mSIN3b in the nucleus of HD heterozygous knock-in NS cells.

Figure S5. Bdnf gene transcription analysis during Zebrafish development.

Figure S6. C91 is not toxic to Zebrafish embryos.

Figure S7. C91 restores the transcription of REST-regulated genes in the HTT knockdown Zebrafish embryo.

Table S1. Luciferase activity and cell viability data obtained from primary screening in DiaNRSELuc8 cells treated with compounds selected by the virtual screening approach.

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