jnc12372-sup-0001-TableS1-S7_FigureS1-S3.pdfapplication/PDF576KTable S1.

RT-qPCR analysis of Nrxn and Nlgn transcript levels.

Table S2. Protein levels of Nlgn in MeCP2 KO brains.

Table S3. Transcriptional activity of regulatory sequences in Nrxn and Nlgn genes.

Table S4. Transcriptional activity of sequences in the 5′-region of Nrxn1.

Table S5. Transcriptional activity of exon2 sequences in Nlgn2.

Table S6. Transcriptional activity of sequences from the head-to-head region of Nlgn2 and 18100RIK.

Table S7. Transcriptional activity of methylated sequences from the Nlgn2 gene.

Figure S1. Genomic organization and conservation of the transcriptional start site of Nrxn1.

Figure S2. Conservation of the head-to-head organization of the Nlgn2/18100RIK locus.

Figure S3. Predicted protein sequence and domain organization of 1810027O10RIK.

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