Table S1. Primers for 3′-RACE.

Table S2. Primers for Cloning.

Table S3. Primers for Site-Directed Mutagenesis.

Table S4. miRNA-Related Oligonucleotides.

Table S5. Custom Standards for Absolute Quantification qPCR.

Table S6. TaqMan Gene Expression Assay Probes.

Figure S1. Quantification by densitometry of western blot shown in Figure 6A combined with that of a duplicate experiment (n = 3 technical replicates times n = 2 biological replicates).

Figure S2. Quantification by densitometry of western blot from Figure 6B, transfected with Lipofectamine 2000 (A) and that of a similar experiment transfected using RNAiMAX (B).

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