Figure S1. Histogram showing the percentage change in ∂F/F following depolarization induced Ca fluorescence (represented as percentage of average ∂F/F obtained from control cells) of 50 nM CORT treated cells (n = 25), 50 nM CORT+ MR agonist SPIRO treated cells (n = 18), 50 nM CORT+ GR antagonist RU486 treated cells (n = 21) and 50 nM CORT+ SPIRO+ RU486 (n =16). Error bars represent Mean ± SEM. * indicates p < 0.05, ** indicates < 0.01, *** indicates p < 0.001.

Figure S2. Representative images showing FM-1-43 loaded synaptic boutons in control and 100 nM CORT treated serum free cultures, before and 18 s after 90 mM KCl application.

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