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Figure S1. Confocal image (transmission) showing anti-miR-200b probe tagged with fluorophore- FITC.

Figure S2. MTS assay showing cell viability after miR-200b inhibition and miR-200b over-expression.

Figure S3. (a, c) Confocal images showing the expression of red fluorescent protein (RFP) in BV2 cells cotransfected with control mimic and pMirTarget reporter vector containing mouse cJun 3′UTR (a) and BV2 cells cotransfected with miR-200b mimic and pMirTarget reporter vector containing mouse cJun 3′UTR (c).

Figure S4. Agarose gel image showing the semiquantitative PCR of oligodendrocyte (CNPase), astrocyte (GFAP), neuronal (MAP2) and endothelial cell-specific genes (PECAM-2) in cDNA from LCM extracted rat microglial cells.

Figure S5. (a–b) Confocal image of Tyrosine hydroxylase (green) (a) and Map2 (green) (b) stained fully differentiated MN9D neuron.

Figure S6. Over-expression of miRNA-200b results in reduction of f-actin microspike projections in activated microglia.

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