joa12160-sup-0001-TableS1.docxWord document35KTable S1. Summative table of substances used in modern anatomical embalming.
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Table S2. Kaiserling's solutions for color and form preservation (Pulvertaft, 1950).

Table S3. Jores' fixative solution (Bradbury & Hoshino, 1978).

Table S4. Enhanced embalming fluid by Woodburne & Lawrence (1952).

Table S5. Peters' salt solutions (Peters, 1956).

Table S6. Dublin embalming fluid (Erskine, 1961).

Table S7. Richins' solutions (Richins et al. 1963).

Table S8. Tübingen embalming fluid (Tutsch, 1975).

Table S9. Bradbury and Hoshino's embalming fluid (Bradbury & Hoshino, 1978).

Table S10. Solutions published by Platzer et al. (1978).

Table S11. Coleman and Kogan's preservation (Coleman & Kogan, 1998).

Table S12. ‘New Basler solution' (Kurz, 1977/1978; Frølich et al. 1984).

Table S13. Bergen solution, used until 1979 (Frølich et al. 1984).

Table S14. Modified Kurz arterial embalming fluid (Frewein et al. 1987).

Table S15. Thiel's solutions (either in millilitres for liquids or grams for solids; Thiel, 2002).

Table S16. Proposed ‘new’ Southampton embalming fluid (O'Sullivan & Mitchell, 1993).

Table S17. McMaster's solutions (Powers, 2003).

Table S18. Anatomy Institute of Sidney University's embalming fluids (Mills, 2010).

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Table S19. Table of hazards of substances used in modern anatomical embalming.

Table S20. Product types of the Biocidal Products Directive (98/8/EC).

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