Quality of life in postmenopausal women: translation and validation of MSkinQOL questionnaire to measure the effect of a skincare product in USA




The 28-item Menopausal Skin Quality Of Life (MSkinQOL), a previously validated French questionnaire, developed to assess psychological features of menopausal women and to measure the benefits of using cosmetic skincare products was translated and validated to assess a skincare product in the USA.


Construct validity, reliability, reproducibility, and responsiveness were assessed with two groups of 100 nonmenopausal (NM) and 100 postmenopausal (PM) women. The group of PM women applied a specially developed skincare product twice daily for 1 month and filled in the same questionnaire after 1 month as well as a general self-assessment questionnaire about the efficacy and cosmetic properties of the product.


No ceiling or floor effects were identified. Construct and internal validity was assessed using a multitrait analysis: questionnaire items proved closely correlated, and each dimension covers a different aspect of women answers profile. The three dimensions showed good reliability and stability. Baseline values for social effects of skin appearance, health status, and self-esteem were significantly different between PM and NM volunteers. Values of these three dimensions were significantly improved after 2 weeks of product application, and further improved after 4 weeks.


This study shows that a careful translation and a rigorous process of validation lead to a reliable tool adapted to each country to explore and measure quality of life in healthy PM women.