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Under eye infraorbital injection technique: The best value in facial rejuvenation



The use of fillers in esthetic rejuvenation or reshaping has been well established and is one of toughest techniques for beginners due to segmental attachments and proximity to important anatomical structures in the infraorbital area making it difficult to achieve smooth esthetic results. To make filling easy, smooth, and repeatable, anatomical points were marked through specific surface measurements. Patients were injected with 0.5–1 mL of hyaluronic acid filler using the identified anatomical point. All patients treated have achieved restoration of the ogee curve with no bruising and minimal downtime with results lasting for 12–36 months. The results of the study suggest the use of single repeatable injection at the crucial point and if required at multiple identified anatomical points along the ligamental attachment to satisfy the esthetic outcome of the patient. Injection of filler at infraorbital points could instantly lift the face up, elevating the point of shadow and shifting the point of highest light reflection to the ideal malar point.