Polaschek N (2007) ‘Doing dialysis at home’: client attitudes towards renal therapy. Journal of Clinical Nursing 16(3A), 51–58.

A later version of the paper detailed above has subsequently appeared in the Journal of Renal Care (Polaschek 2007). The paper published in the Journal of Renal Care was an invited submission and provided a summary of an oral presentation given at the Association's conference in Madrid, 2006. It revised the Journal of Clinical Nursing paper for a specialist renal audience and contained specialised material that would not be relevant to a general nursing audience. Permission from Blackwell Publishing and the Editor of the Journal of Clinical Nursing, which should have been sought at the time, has now been granted.


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  • Polaschek N (2007) Client attitudes towards home dialysis therapy. Journal of Renal Care 33, 2024.