Reply to the comment from C Fiori and D Martinez on my article ‘Homoeopathy and consumers’ right to know'


Dear Sir,

This is my reply to the comment by Cintia Fiori and Denis Martinez [1] on my article ‘Homoeopathy and consumers’ right to know' [2].

Quackery and pseudoscience are amongst the many social ills that persist under all forms of government. In terms of pseudoscience being promoted by those in power, the known alternatives to democracy have a much worse record than democracy [3].

We who have the good fortune of living in democracies should use our freedom of expression to argue for the efficient use of scientific knowledge in the healthcare sector and elsewhere. Convincing the public can be a challenging task even if you have good arguments, but the medical profession has done it before. Thanks to thorough groundwork by physicians and scientists, responsible politicians in democratic countries have taken the lead in fighting the smoking epidemic. They have done so with the support of a well-informed public. Let us do the same in other areas where scientific knowledge can be used to promote the public's health and well-being!

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