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Figure S1 Presentation values of 6 miRNAs in (a) patients with AMI (n= 224) and without AMI (n=931); (b) patients with STEMI (n= 45) and NSTEMI (n=179).

Figure S2 ROC curves displaying diagnostic accuracy for (a) 6 miRNAs, (b–c) miR-208b and miR-499 in comparison and combination with a conventional (cTnT4, Roche Diagnostic) and high-sensitivity cardiac Troponin assay (hs-cTnT, Roche Diagnostics), (d) 6 miRNAs in early presenters (presenting within 3 hours from symptom onset).

Figure S3 Kaplan Meier curves for survival in all acute chest pain patients displaying cumulative survival during short-term follow-up (30 days) and long-term follow-up (730 days), subdivided into 2 groups according to optimal cut-off (-10.38) by Youden index (sensitivity of 31.8%, specificity of 86.2%). Log-rank values were employed to assess statistical significance. miRNA values are log-transformed.

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