A conceptual framework for cost management training in the Limpopo Province of South Africa


  • Karien Jooste PhD, MA Nurs, RGN,

    Professor, Corresponding author
    1. School of Nursing, Faculty of Community and Health Sciences, University of the Western Cape, Cape Town
    • Correspondence

      Karien Jooste

      School of Nursing Sciences

      Faculty of Community and Health Sciences

      University of the Western Cape

      Private Bag X17, Bellville 7535

      South Africa

      E-mail: kjooste@uwc.ac.za

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  • Tebogo Maria Mothiba MA Nurs, RGN

    1. Department of Nursing, University of Johannesburg, Auckland Park, South Africa
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This paper describes the perceptions of nurse managers about their dual role in nursing units as cost centres.


The tertiary hospital in the Limpopo province is the first institution to appoint nurse managers with a dual role in cost centres. The development of a conceptual framework for a context-specific programme for Cost Centre Managers is the first of its nature in South Africa.


A qualitative, exploratory, descriptive design was followed. The target population included nurse managers (n = 35) formally appointed as cost centre managers with a dual role of delivering quality care and cost management. A focus group and individual interviews were conducted until data saturation occurred.


Personal and professional distress, an empowering potential of being a cost centre manager, and the need for decentralized cost centre management were indicated as barriers for nurse managers that led to a framework for a context-specific training programme.


There is a need for a context-specific training programme for cost centre managers in a hospital with cost centres.

Implications for nursing management

The training of cost centre managers for their dual role in cost centres could enhance cost effectiveness, quality care and staff satisfaction.