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Work climate, work values and professional commitment as predictors of job satisfaction in nurses




To investigate the effect of some psychosocial variables on nurses’ job satisfaction.


Nurses’ job satisfaction is one of the most important factors in determining individuals’ intention to stay or leave a health-care organisation. Literature shows a predictive role of work climate, professional commitment and work values on job satisfaction, but their conjoint effect has rarely been considered.


A cross-sectional questionnaire survey was adopted. Participants were hospital nurses and data were collected in 2011.


Professional commitment and work climate positively predicted nurses’ job satisfaction. The effect of intrinsic vs. extrinsic work value orientation on job satisfaction was completely mediated by professional commitment.


Nurses’ job satisfaction is influenced by both contextual and personal variables, in particular work climate and professional commitment. According to a more recent theoretical framework, work climate, work values and professional commitment interact with each other in determining nurses’ job satisfaction.

Implications for nursing management

Nursing management must be careful to keep the context of work tuned to individuals’ attitude and vice versa. Improving the work climate can have a positive effect on job satisfaction, but its effect may be enhanced by favouring strong professional commitment and by promoting intrinsic more than extrinsic work values.