Paediatric palliative care: a review of needs, obstacles and the future




This literature review offers a response to the current paediatric palliative care literature that will punctuate the need for a framework (i.e. the three world view) that can serve as an evaluative lens for nurse managers who are in the planning or evaluative stages of paediatric palliative care programmes.


The complexities in providing paediatric palliative care extend beyond clinical practices to operational policies and financial barriers that exist in the continuum of services for patients.


This article offers a review of the literature and a framework in order to view best clinical practices, operational/policy standards and financial feasibility when considering the development and sustainability of paediatric palliative care programmes.

Key aspects

Fifty-four articles were selected as representative of the current state of the literature as it pertains to the three world view (i.e. clinical, operational and financial factors) involved in providing paediatric palliative care.


In developing efficient paediatric palliative care services, clinical, operational and financial resources and barriers need to be identified and addressed.

Implications for nursing management

Nursing management plays a crucial role in addressing the clinical, operational and financial needs and concerns that are grounded in paediatric palliative care literature.