• generation X;
  • leadership;
  • Nurse Manager;
  • succession planning


The present inquiry identifies elements of professional success, and personal and professional fulfilment as defined by Generation X Nurse Managers.


Although work concerning Nurse Manager preparation has been documented, there is a paucity of research specific to the generation of nurses next in line to assume leadership roles.


For the purposes of this study, a qualitative approach was used to develop insight regarding Generation X Nurse Managers and their perspectives on professional success, personal and professional fulfilment, and organisational environments that are conducive to loyalty and long-term professional commitment.


Findings from this study reinforced those identified in the original study in that inflexible organisational cultures, a lack of opportunities for upward mobility, the need to be available at all times, feeling stereotyped or undervalued can all be barriers to members of Generation X perceptions of professional success and professional and personal fulfilment.

Conclusions and implications for nursing management

Study findings suggest that Generation X Nurse Managers would benefit from initiatives focused on better preparation for the Nurse Manager role, openness to innovative scheduling alternatives and tailored support and feedback.