Taking Stances, Contesting Commitments: Political Legitimacy and the Pragmatic Turn


  • I am grateful to Bert van den Brink, Joel Anderson, and Patchen Markell for invaluable discussions of this project at various stages of development. For helpful feedback I also thank Rutger Claassen, Wout Cornelissen, Marcus Duewell, Tim Heysse, Hans Joas, Cristina Lafont, J. J. McFadden, Chris Meckstroth, Aletta Norval, David Owen, Jacco Pekelder, Roland Pierik, J. T. Scarry, and referees for the Journal of Political Philosophy, as well as participants of the Political Theory Workshop at the University of Chicago, the Practical Philosophy Colloquium at Utrecht University, and the Political Theory panel of the Politicologenetmaal in Berg en Dal. Most of the research for this article was conducted at Utrecht University and during a stay at the University of Chicago, facilitated by a grant from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.