The Idea of Philosophical Fieldwork: Global Justice, Moral Ignorance, and Intellectual Attitudes


  • Earlier versions of this article were presented at: a workshop on ‘Motivating Global Justice’ at the University of York (June 2011); the London School of Economics Africa Seminar Series (November 2011); the Political Theory Conference at the University of Oxford (January 2012); the philosophy seminar at the University of Ghana (March 2012); and the political philosophy seminar at London School of Economics (April 2012). I would like to thank participants at all these venues for their valuable comments and suggestions for improvement, including Bob Aitken, Rose Mary Amenga-Etego, Martin Ajei, Emmanuel Ifeanyi Ani, Mat Coakley, Cecile Fabre, Elliot Green, Kwame Gyekye, Simon Hope, Kim Hutchings, Chandran Kukathas, Liz Fraser, Kwesi Jonas, Christian List, Omar McDoom, Sue Mendus, David Miller, Nancy Myles, Jon Parkin, Jeremy Waldron, Leif Wenar, and Kerri Woods. My particular thanks for valuable written comments on versions of this article to Diarmuid Costello, Helen Lauer, and Lea Ypi. Special thanks also to the three anonymous referees for their generous and extremely helpful feedback on the penultimate version of the article.