In the Face of Austerity: The Puzzle of Museums and Universities


  • I am grateful for written comments on earlier versions of this article from Niko Kolodny, Mike Martin, Mike Otsuka, David Owens, Joseph Raz, Bob Sugden, Jay Wallace, Leif Wenar, David Wiggins, and an anonymous referee. Many of the ideas in this article were developed in my graduate seminars at the University of California, Berkeley and at UCL, and presented to audiences at the LSE, Oxford, Stanford, the Sorbonne, the EHESS, Fribourg, Berkeley, London, Reading, and at the Values workshop organized by Joseph Raz and Larry Temkin at Columbia. I am grateful for the helpful suggestions and comments I received from members of these audiences and many other people, including, in particular, John Broome, Ruth Chang, Joshua Cohen, Tim Crane, Meir Dan-Cohen, Jonathan Dancy, Tom Dougherty, Marc Fleurbaey, Kinch Hoekstra, Tom Hurka, Mark Kalderon, Frances Kamm, Cécile Laborde, Maggie Little, Julia Nefsky, Tom Pink, Peter Railton, Tim Scanlon, Samuel Scheffler, David Velleman, Alex Voorhoeve, Ralph Wedgwood and Jo Wolff. Research for this article has benefited from a grant from the Mind association.