Prioritarianism and the Measure of Utility


  • I presented an earlier version of this article as the John Passmore Lecture at the Australian National University and at Duke University, the Hebrew University, New York University, Nuffield College, Oxford, Princeton University, Rutgers University, the University of Maryland, the University of Sydney, and the annual conference of the Society for Applied Philosophy. I'm grateful to the members of these audiences for their comments. I'd also like to express my debts and thanks to Matthew Adler, Marcello Antosh, Ralf Bader, Luc Bovens, Geoffrey Brennan, David Chalmers, Thomas Dougherty, Cécile Fabre, Marc Fleurbaey, Robert Goodin, Christopher Morris, Alan Patten, Philip Pettit, Jonathan Quong, Samuel Scheffler, Nicholas Southwood, Larry Temkin, Peter Vallentyne, Alex Voorhoeve, four anonymous referees, and Princeton's University Center for Human Values, where I was a Visiting Faculty Fellow during most of the period I devoted to this piece.
  • The copyright line for this article was changed on 5 August 2014 after original online publication.